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Project Description
Fulcrum is a Service Knowledge Management System designed to address the challenges of providing an accurate and operationally useful IT management system. Fulcrum provides a master data system for your entire IT service and asset portfolio.

With Fulcrum SKMS your Application Infrastructure and Configuration Management is Made Easy.

  • Tackle the difficult task of keeping track of your servers, network, data center, applications, and service providers.
  • Automatically or manually collect technical information from your infrastructure.
  • Track the configuration of your applications and components, including the current application configuration parameters.
  • Define and visualize both technical and business application dependencies.
  • Benefit from improved operational documentation. Keep the dynamic data out of your support documentation, and increase transparency across support groups.
  • Research the past states of the environment using the Fulcrum Time Machine. View your application infrastructure just as it was at any day in the past.
  • Integrate with other systems without impacting your current business processes. Fulcrum supports automation of operations work. Fulcrum can easily integrate with many of the market leading IT management systems.
  • Fulcrum is a true knowledge system; data is free to evolve. You decide the return on investment you want from Fulcrum. The more you use Fulcrum the more authoritative the data becomes.

Fulcrum supports the following ITILv3 Service Management processes:

  1. Service Strategy
    • Financial Management
    • Service Portfolio Management
  2. Service Design
    • Service Catalogue Management
    • Service Level Management
    • Supplier and Contract Management
  3. Service Transition
    • Service Asset and Configuration Management
    • Knowledge Management
    • Transition Planning and Support
    • Release and Deployment Management
  4. Service Operations
    • IT Operations Management
  5. Continual Service Improvement
    • Service Measurement
    • Service Reporting


  • Database: SQL Server 2008 or SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Application Server: IIS 7.5 and .Net 4.


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